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Since our 4G is so unreliable we have added a FTTC connection that goes live in a few days. Is it possible to send selected VLANs to use the WAN connection?
Also if this is possible can we set up failover so if the WAN goes down the VLAN in question will go via 4G?

Currently have two sims setup in load balance but the connection drops quite often and the speeds jump between 0.1mb/s - 60mb/s all the time which causes issues with our VOIP phones.

Device - RUTX12
Firmware - RUTX_R_00.07.01.4


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Here is a workaround for your issue. 

  • Login to your router's WebUI and navigate Network -> Failover
  • Configure failover with mobile interface at the top as your main WAN. 
  • Next, add a new rule instance below failover interfaces. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the newly opened configuration window. Add a new failover policy instance and add a single WAN, the one you want to use for routing VLAN traffic.
  • Scroll up to the rule configuration section. Include your VLANs subnets with masks, for example, and assign your created failover policy to route your traffic with set source IPs through WAN interface.

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This is my current settings for Fail Over

If I have understood correctly. Add a new interface with the name Fiber_WAN and configure this to only use WAN and set the VLAN to go use this interface as a Fail Over.
The result of this setup will mean the VLAN will use the Wired WAN as its primary connection and fail over to 4G if the wired WAN goes offline.