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by anonymous

Using TRB145 as MODBUS Serial Master FW: TRB1_R_00.07.01.4 

Regading 3 registers from Mod Bus Slave ID:1 (custom hardware):
Register 301: RPM = 25
Register 302: FRQ = 50
Register 303: PWM = 94

Using Fogwing to collect data.
Getting this multiple times, if I read each register separately in Modbus Slave request.
{"Date Time": "17/05/2022 18:54:39", "FRQ": "94", "PWM": "94", "RPM": "94", "Slave ID": "1", "Slave Name": "SPP", "Start Reg": "303"}
Getting this, if I read 3 registers in Modbus Slave request.
{"DATE TIME": "17/05/2022 18:54:39", "FRQ": "25,50,94", "PWM": "25,50,94", "RPM": "25,50,94", "SLAVE ID": "1", "SLAVE NAME": "SPP", "START REG": "303"}

How to get JSON Array content seperatly?:
{"DATE TIME": "17/05/2022 18:54:39", "FRQ": "25", "PWM": "50", "RPM": "94", "SLAVE ID": "1", "SLAVE NAME": "SPP", "START REG": "301"}

The above example shows only 3 registers, it is possible to use more registers/addresses.
We use 16 registers to read and 16 registers to write.

0x04) Read Register                                   Address = 301-316                                           16bits

(0x06) Write Register                                  Address = 401-416                                           16bits

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by anonymous
I have seen many posts with a similar question, but no solution or fix. It looks like, it works only for simple sensors with one and only 1 register?
by anonymous


Currently, there is no way to separate the contents of read MODBUS data and forward it the way you have described. 

The closest solution is to create separate requests in MODBUS TCP master configuration for each register and then set the segment count sent to server according to the number of registers you want to read in Data to server configuration. However, this would create a separate line for each register, with the same additional information configured in your JSON format field. 

Best regards,


by anonymous

Thank you Žygimantas for your support.

The issue is all the registers will be sent with the same name. It is not possible to differentiate those different register values with the same name!! IoT Platform guys cannot handle this data. In short, they are telling us not to use Teltonika. Sorry, it does not make any sense to send 16 times!!.