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by anonymous

Dear Sir or Madam,

we are providers of construction site documentation with our camera systems. One of your routers is installed in each camera system. The systems provide a network via mobile radio and use it to stream the data from the cameras.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the routers lose the connection to the mobile network provider suddenly and without any information - our camera is then offline and an employee has to check the situation on site. So far we haven't been able to solve the situation, only restarting the router solved the problem.

You can find the log files in the appendix - can you tell us why the router suddenly lost the connection?

Teltonika RUT950

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by anonymous


How frequent are the disconnects?

The troubleshoot file you have attached indicates, that at the moment, when troubleshoot was downloaded, the device was registered, connected and able to establish data connection through it.

In the logs from May 13 to May 16 no disconnects are recorded. Did anything happen within this time frame? At the moment it is difficult to estimate the cause of the issue. If possible, download troubleshoot, when disconnect occurs.

I also see, that you have Ping reboot configured to restart the router. Instead, I suggest to select Modem restart option instead of the complete device reboot to try to reestablish connectivity.

Another note is that the firmware your device is using is dated. It is advisable to update to at least the the latest legacy firmware from here.

Best regards,