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Hi guys, 

Has anyone successfully configured DDNS with cloudflare on a RUT955 ?

I have tried the following paths:

  • with and without HTTPS
  • with and without hashed password (MD5)
  • with password and with API key

But no success... and no indication of the error in the logs :(

1 Answer

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by anonymous

What firmware version are you using? There was an issue with DDNS, but it has been fixed in the new version.

You can download RUT9xx firmwares from here:
Best answer
by anonymous

I am using RUT9XX_R_00.05.00.5 I will try the latest one at once  and follow up here

Thanks for the tip

by anonymous

I have upgraded the firmware version to the latest available from the server (RUT9XX_R_00.05.01.4) but the status of the DDNS remains to N.A

Hence I upgraded from the file (RUT9XX_R_00.05.01.8), but with no success neither.

I try 2 different configurations:

  • one with HTTPS and plain API key as password
  • one with HTTP and MD5 hashed API keys as password
The other fields are identical between the two configurations:
  1. Service:
  2. Lookup host:
  3. Hostname:
  4. User name: the one of my account
  5. IP address source: public
  6. URL to detect: (default value)
  7. IP renew interval: 5 minutes
  8. Force IP renew: 300 minutes

Any ideas ?

I am also lacking logs/feedback from the router itself... how could I get more information on the error/success ?

by anonymous

Moving forward...

I found the logs by connecting to the router with ssh root@ (thanks, and tail -f /var/log/ddns/*.*

The error comes from the nslookup which does not find anything for the lookup host (which did not have any DNS config for the root domain) : nslookup: can't resolve 'xxx.xx': Name or service not known

I have also been able to check that the API key shall not be encrypted with MD5. (otherwise I get the error {"code":6103,"message":"Invalid format for X-Auth-Key header"})

The final error was : Could not detect 'zone id' for domain.tld. I found the solution in You need to declare the domain with instead of 

As a side note: the check box to use HTTPS is not taken into accout with cloudflare: the API uses https (which is good)

Hope this will help someone else.

by anonymous
That's great to hear! Also, thanks for sharing this!
by anonymous

Hi, I had similar issues, just 2 different findings:

I need to disable HTTPS ("Use HTTP Secure" option in web panel) in the settings, as it was causing this error "curl: (77) error setting certificate verify locations:  CAfile: /etc/cacert.pem CApath: none". Once disabled then the script go further...

And stuck on "code":6103,"message":"Invalid format for X-Auth-Key header" similar as ebreton. I've check the token a few times and all was ok, but could not authenticate successfully... Then I found this I've changed the script to provide "Authorization: Bearer" instead, with API token and it finally worked:). You would need to modify script /usr/lib/ddns/ and comment 1 line and add 1 new as below.

#__PRGBASE="$__PRGBASE --header 'X-Auth-Key: $password' "

__PRGBASE="$__PRGBASE --header 'Authorization: Bearer $password' "

Hope this helps with troubleshooting.