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please can you send me old firmware for my teltonika trb142 to use it as an NTRIP modem??

i think is TRB1420_R_00.01.06.1 19.12.2019


thank you!

Josip, Croatia...

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I sent you a private message with a link to download the file.

Best regards,

I instaled that older firmware with NTRIP client, entered all NTRIP caster data, and connected trb142 to a trimble ag262 gps receiver to receive NTRIP rtcm stream to have RTK corection fix, i configure everything correctly, but I can not get the stream started???  receiver sends NMEA messages with location, and that should be enough to teltonica starts the stream automaticaly, buth nothing is going on...?? there are nowhere an option to connect the NTRIP provider, see availible streams and mounth points and choose one of them??? Or to see some status of NTRIP connections??

I tried everything works with laptop NTRIP caster software (Lefebure) but with Teltonica just wont work.....

I would use teltonica rather than a mobile phone for that purpose, because it is more rigid, but I dont know can I use it for that purpose at all???

I have spent too much time trying to set it correctly, could you give me some answeres if you can, please??

thank you, Josip!