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by anonymous

I have two identically setup RUT955s. However the one has used a lot more flash memory...

Device 1:

Device 2:

Both running the lates v7 firmware, after the upgrade from v6 they were formatted to fix the user glitch. Both have identical settings, no packages installed.

Both are the same age and running the same up time and linked by a cellular modem. The one with more flash memory has got 650 pages of events compared to the fuller one with only 250 pages (10 items per page). The one flash available on has done 9gb data compared to 4gb data.

One the backup, under system. If i remove the Default Profile I can free up around 1mb on each. But the one with less flash still has less and an unknown error occurs when trying to make the default profile on that one..

So something has caused a weird usage in flash.. What is the best way to reset it to default to free up all the flash again and start over?

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd-Support Forum. Please find our response below:

Flash memory stores data such as modem firmware, device firmware, startup-configuration, packages and event logs. Event logs would not cause that much usage on the device, It could potentially due to some additional packages installed on the device. Please issue the below command on both devices and compare the packages installed:

opkg list-installed

Second, To get the detailed information of what's stored in the flash. Another way is, to use the below command in the root directory:
cd /

ls -laShR

You can compare the output of both devices and see the difference.

Apart from that, you can download the backup file from Device 1 and upload it to Device 2. This will make both devices to actually working on similar configurations. Please follow the link below on how to download and upload backup file from one device to another:

To free up flash memory, you need to remove some additional packages. But firstly, it important to understand what is consuming more memory.