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by anonymous

Hello, after the change of company to ours, the device with serial number 1105046773 from item number 1 already exists. Although I don't see it. How can I solve?

2 Answers

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by anonymous


You can unregister your device from RMS, by connecting to your device via SSH protocol, e.g. using "Putty" application for Windows:

  • SSH login: root
  • SSH password: <your device's password> 

and using the following SSH command:

uci set rms_connect_mqtt.rms_connect_mqtt.remove_from_system=1 && uci commit && /etc/init.d/rms_connect restart

Best answer

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by anonymous

The router is already registered with another user.

Inserted the string he answers me in the following way:

root@Teltonika-RUT240:~# uci set rms_connect_mqtt.rms_connect_mqtt.remove_from_system=1 && uci commit && /etc/init.d/rms_connect restart

root@Teltonika-RUT240:~# Command failed: Not found

by anonymous

I have the same issue and get the same error. The command failed is not relevant, that's simply because /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt doesn't have a stop command.

rms_connect_mqtt.rms_connect_mqtt.remove_from_system does get set to 1

uci get rms_connect_mqtt.rms_connect_mqtt.remove_from_system


however, I still can't register the device since it's assigned to someone else. I PM'ed VykintasKuzma photos of the device and now I'm hoping they can remove it from their side

by anonymous

Rizzo83, could you send me a private message with a device backplate photo where the serial number and IMEI could be seen?
Having this information I will be sure, that device is owned by you and I will remove the device from the old company.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Sigitas K.
by anonymous

I have the same issue can I send you my device photo so that you can remove it from the previous company?