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by anonymous

Hi, my Teltonika 955 had the new firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.09 available to download from the Teltonika servers and I installed it. However, I do not find any changelog or reference on the site. Do you have any information?

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by anonymous


Here is the changelog:

  • Improvements:
    • Privoxy: updated to v3.0.33 (ID: 2072)
    • Stunnel: updated to v5.57 (ID: 2072)
    • Dnsmasq: updated to v2.85 (ID: 2072)
    • Mobile: changed broadcast setting on ncm protocol (ID: 1295)
    • Mobile: increased Operator select band array size for B66 and B71 LTE bands (ID: 1928)
    • Mobile: added PDP context checking for T-Mobile (ID: 2065)
    • Serial over IP: added client mode timeout support (ID: 1490)
    • IPSec: added validation to duplicate configurations (ID: 1607)
    • IPSec: removed deprecated code (ID: 1607)
    • WebUI: improved firmware upgrade messages on firmware validation failure (ID: 2034)
    • WebUI: added DMZ "Use HTTPS WAN rule source zone" option (ID: 2039)
    • WebUI: updated phone number validation in Call Utilities user groups page (ID: 2043)

  • Fix:
    • OpenSSL: patched CVE-2021-3712 vulnerability (ID: 2072)
    • Mosquito: patched CVE-2021-34432 vulnerability (ID: 2072)
    • Dropbear: patched CVE-2020-36254 vulnerability (ID: 2072)
    • BusyBox: patched CVE-2018-1000500, CVE-2019-5747,CVE-2021-28831 vulnerabilities (ID: 2072)
    • MAC80211: patched CVE-2021-38206 vulnerability (ID: 2072)
    • Mobile: fixed mobile connection setup using NCM protocol (ID: 1295)
    • Mobile: fixed temperature handling on devices with MeigLink module (ID: 1911)
    • Mobile: fixed "Data only" connection handling (ID: 1803)
    • Mobile: fixed timestamp format (ID: 1839)
    • GPS: fixed NMEA convert time (ID: 1897)
    • QoS: fixed port prioritization (ID: 2053)
    • WebUI: fixed Load Balancing input validation (ID: 1534)
    • WebUI: fixed Input/Output input validation (ID: 1704)
    • WebUI: fixed calculating DHCP IP ranges (ID: 1533)
    • WebUI: fixed adding new Modbus alarms when one is already created (ID: 1749)
    • WebUI: fixed DDNS configuration saving without internet connection (ID: 1489)
    • WebUI: In Events reporting Overview page fixed to show event Wifi client subtype correctly (ID: 1466)
    • WebUI: In Events reporting Edit page fixed event type Wifi client event subtype values (ID: 1466)
    • WebUI: fixed SMS warning enabling validation in Mobile Data Limit page (ID: 2069)
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