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I have a RUT240 configured with LTE access and RMS.

LAN1 is IP address The WAN IP is random and gets reassigned by the carrier every so often

I want to VPN from the outside ( via RMS/LTE ) into the device and be able to talk to all my devices on network by having all requests natted to

How can I achieve this ? Thank you

1 Answer

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Hello, gtech1.

To configure RMS VPN, please refer to the following video tutorial:

After that, verify you have added your LAN network to the RMS VPN Routes field. (Take as reference the image in the link below)

Then, login into your RUT240 WebUI and select Network > Firewall >  NAT Rules. Add a new rule, and fill out the configuration fields by following the instructions in the next URL:

For more information about NAT rules, refer to the link below:

Now, all the traffic from your RMS VPN targeted to your host in the LAN will be translated to your interface LAN IP address.

Eventually, if you decide to change your RMS VPN virtual address, don't forget to change the source IP address network in your NAT rule.

I hope this helps to solve your query.