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by anonymous
2 Questions
1) what is interface VLAN, what is its use ?

2) i want to run 11 different VLANs on. i.e i have a switch which i want to connect to RUTX11 through LAN1 & want to run 11 different VLANs on that switch

is it possible ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


RUTX11 supports VLAN ID's from 0 to 4096.

RUTX11 has two subsections for the VLAN:

1. Port-based VLAN

2. Interface-based VLAN

1. Port-based VLAN: It defines each physical port will have a specific network. Any device that will connect to specific port will have the particular network associated with it and would be untagged.

1.2. Tag-based VLAN: It allows a single router port to carry traffic from multiple VLAN's.

Please follow the below example for a tag-based VLAN configuration:

2. Interface-based VLAN: It is basically used for double tagging the ethernet frames. It allows two encapsulation protocols 802.1AD and 802.1Q.

Yes, our device allows you to run multiple VLANs on it, which can be configured with another switch as a trunk via interface-based VLAN.


by anonymous


From version RUT9_R_00.07.02.7 I don't see 1.2. Tag-based VLAN option. I used it with previous versions and my RUT was router on a stick, with many VLANs on BR-LAN. Kind of SVI for me. Works Great.

Now I can't repeat that. Is this option hidden somwhere ? Or is it not there anymore ? Can I achive the same result otherwise ?


by anonymous
Click on the "Advance" button on the top to change the mode.
by anonymous
It not about Basic or Advanced view :) In version 6 there was simple choice in VLAN section between Port based and Tag based.

In version 7 I see only Port based or Interface based.