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by anonymous
Hello community.

I have an electricity meter with DLMS/COSEM protocol sipport (with RS485 interface). I want to read out meter data using TRB modem. It consists of: channel initialization request, autorization request, read data requests (according to specified OBIS codes), channel closing request. Of course each request frame has its checksum and calculated HDLC address meter (it is calculating from meter SN). Thus I should have possibility to write these function using scripts (it includes OR, AND, <<, >> and other logacal operations).

Can I use Teltonika TRB modem (or other Teltonika device) to comply above mentioned tasks?

I have all above mentioned frame requests in byte format and C# code for checksum and HDLC address parts calculation. The question is:  can I use it in TRB modem configuration software (probably in scripts section) to read out electricity meter data?

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, at this moment in time, Teltonika devices do not support DLMS/HDLC protocols/communication.

Our RnD team is already working on DLMS/HDLC implementation, but that might take a while. At this moment in time we cannot foresee when this functionality might become available.

Meanwhile, if you wish to try out your application which you have - you can freely do that. I.e. you can connect to TRB via SSH, e.g. using "Putty" SSH client application for Windows (SSH login: root, SSH password: <your device's password>) and interact with device using standard Bash linux commands. Additionally, you can connect to TRB via SCP protocol (e.g. using "WinSCP" client for Windows) and upload your custom files to device through it.

by anonymous
Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I have no completed application for meter communication. I just have frame format (in bytes view) for each request I mentioned above, and I have frame format of response for each request. And I have C# code for checksum and HDLC address part calculation. Thus, I have next question: does it possible to write for Teltonika PRB scripts for communication with meter, that include: send request (frame that consists of byte sequence that I know), get answer, process it (for instace I received response where 4 bytes comprise phase A voltage in UINT32 format and I should be able to convert them into readible format), calculate checksum FCS16 and HDLC address parts. It is too complicated task, and I want to know is it possible to comply it using scripts in Teltonika TRB.