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by anonymous

Dear Support Team

I have a RUTX11 Router working with a 4G mobile network and connected to RMS.
To this router connected Raspberry 

I configured RMS Connect VNC, SSH, and SFTP to Raspberry, and everything is working OK

But every one, two days the connection to Raspberry stops working until I reboot the RUTX11 router.

Please see a short video with the problem:

Attached troubleshooting log of the router

I will be appreciated for your help

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I am currently trying to replicate your issue to help you. However, from what I see in the video. It seems that the disconnection error may be given by the number of links generated to connect to the Raspberry. Can you try to delete all the connections and create one with a duration of a week to test? I think that way you will not get the issue.
by anonymous
Hello Alvaro,

Thank you for your prompt response

To this RUTX11 router connected two Raspberry Pi, and both stopped working.

Making a test what you asked is problematic because I already sent shared application links to developers, and they are already using it.

 I'll be happy to find the solution without deleting an existing RMS connect application.

 I plan to put a kind of router in many different our customers in the future, and the system's stability is crucial for me.

I see right now that the issue is related to the RUTX11 box and not to the RMS cloud.

If you want, I can make different tests or send additional logs if it will help to find the solution.

Thanks in Advance
by anonymous


I see you have firmware version 7.01.4. Currently, version 7.02 is available. Can you update this version to see if the behavior is more stable? Here is the link.

Otherwise, I think we should try removing the links. I have done the test with a RUTX11 and a link for a week and I have had no disconnection with the other devices. Maybe for security, the RUTX11 or the Rasperry block their connection because of the amount of RMS requests.

by anonymous
Thank you for your response

I'll update and let you know if it fixes the problem