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by anonymous => this page mentions:

RUT955 disclaimer

Note: Due to hardware limitations, RUT955 devices do not support firmware flashing while an SD card is inserted into the device. To successfully perform a firmware upgrade, it is required to remove the memory card first. Otherwise there is a high risk of data and configuration loss.

For the use case i envision (building this device in remote vehicles) removing the SD card would be a problem. However, I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the text: 

  • Is upgrading the firmware impossible (i.e. blocked) with the SD card present


  • Is upgrading the firmware possible, but no guarantees made on the data on the SD card. -- In my use case firmware upgrade with some data loss would be acceptable (with some script to reformat the SD card to ensure the usability of the SD card)
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by anonymous

It is possible upgrade firmware with the SD card inserted, however, when used as a memory expansion device, SD card is considered as a singular flash memory unit with device's internal flash. Thus during firmware update necessary partitions and configurations might be split between internal flash and SD card. Data stored on the card can become inaccessible after the update. Thus, flashing firmware with the card inserted might result in bricking the device without the possibility to login to it, with the only option to restore the device being via bootloader menu procedure.

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