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Dear teltonika,
I would like to use my external 4G 4x4 MIMO antenna OMNI-414 from Poynting (https://poynting.tech/antennas/omni-414/) with my X11 router for marine application. The 414 antenna has 4 sma connectors: cell1 - cell2 - aux1 - aux2. Is ok to connect cell1 and aux1 in my x11?

or... could you point me to the right direction for a new teltonika router with 4x4 mimo???

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

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You should be able to use the antenna exactly the way you have described by connecting cell1 and aux1 into the RUTX11 accordingly.

Teltonika currently manufactures a couple of devices capable to fully utilize your antenna. These are:

  • RUTX12 routers. They have have two modems and four SMA connections, two for each modem.
  • RUTX14. These routers have an LTE Cat 12 modem, which is capable of 4x4 MIMO support.

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