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I have just upgraded my RUT950 to RUT9_R_00.07.02 A and I face some DHCP issue. LAN interface IP is but I set default GW to be (other RUTX14). The hosts connetced to RUT 950 anyhow get default GW (RUT950) instead of (RUTX14).

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Thanks for contacting Teltonika crowd-support forum. Please find our response below:
Can you please share the detailed topology of the case. Please indicate/define the port connections and networks used in the topology diagram. Also, what you want as a final solution.


Both appliances are connected via OpenVPN in TAP mode. There is one network for all the end-points - RUTX14 ( runs a DHCP with static lease only and is used as a GW to the Internet for remote RUT950 ( with another DHCP with static lease only. Because there are only end-points with static lease there is no conflict of IPs possible. Although I set  IPv4 gateway of RUT950 to all the end-points behind it get as a default GW and go to the Internet via local WAN instead of remote WAN of RUTX14. It works corectly when I set DHCP of RUT950 to relay mode to or when I set DHCP-options of RUT950 to 3,, but I would preffer a straight way where I simply set IPv4 gateway of RUT950 to

Can you please share the troubleshoot file of both routers via Private message?
Also, confirm if DHCP is disabled on Openvpn Client?