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by anonymous

Hi, using latest firmware on 2 RUT950's. Setup load balancing with a sim in each rut950, between lan and wan port. 

RUT950-1 (DHCP) > LAN1  > Data switch > Clients | RUT950-1 > WAN  > RUT950-2 

Some clients on the lan side now getting dhcp from the wan side? If i disable dhcp on the wan side rut950-2 the RUT950-1 switch connected cleints don't get ip. All clients are connected via switch into LAN port 1 of our load balancing enabled rut950-01. Any clues as to what I messed up or how to get this working? Thanks in advance :)

by anonymous

HI, just to add followed this guide for load balancing from the rut950 manual (connect wan of one 950 to lan of another)

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Could you provide a topology graph of what your do you want to set up? It is not quite clear what do you want to achieve?

Also what do you mean by load balancing between LAN and WAN port?

Moreover, from the picture you have installed the legacy WebUI firmware. The latest firmware can be downloaded from here:

Bets regards,


by anonymous

Hi, thanks for quick reply, pic below example using old ones (new ones on site) but connected the same as the live (Firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.09)

On the left RUT950 LAN1 to a data switch with clients, - Left-side RUT950's WAN port to LAN1 of right-side RUT950-02's LAN1 port. Somehow DHCP being passed from LAN1 on right side rut950 back to client


by anonymous

I have recreated your set up, however, no issue regarding DHCP leases shows up. The client device receives IP from the pool of addresses configured in the router, to which the client is connected to.

Could you answer the following questions:

Are both devices using different subnets?

Does the same issue reoccur with different RUT devices?

Did this happen with previous firmware versions?

Does this happen when load balancing or failover is disabled?

Best regards,