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We have been using FMB120 since few months and it was working fine.

After using it for a while we decided to change the Data acquisition setting  to send packets every 10 seconds(Before it was 120 seconds.)

After this change was made the server started receiving same data packet.

The server was getting the first connection request and sending the respective acknowledgement.

The second packet was received by the server with avl data, and appropriate acknowledgement was sent by the server, but the device didn't get this acknowledgement.

Due to this the socket connection was closed.

As the device didn't get the acknowledgement it keeps on sending the same data.

The device configurations were set to default but the problem persists.

We are sure that the server is sending proper response because we have two other device working properly.

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For questions related to FMB120 please refer to this forum: https://community.teltonika-gps.com/.

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