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Hello, I received today a RUTX12 but I can't connect using 4G modules.

I inserted 2 SIM cards without PIN but lights not powering on in any case. I tried restarting to factory default and updating no last firmware but issue persist.

I saw on this forum under Status a Mobile option with information about SIM cards, but that Mobile option doesn't appear in my configuration.

Is it possible that module is off? How can I activate it?

P.S. Attached is the Troubleshoot

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I am writing some troubleshooting steps here to help you with the issue:

1. Make sure Antennas are flush and in the correct position.

2. Try using the latest firmware RUTX_R_00.07.02.1. You can download the latest firmware from the link below:

3. If the issue still persists try re-flashing the firmware using the bootloader menu:

Follow the link for Instructions:

Let me know whether it is working after reset or not.

Hello, it seems is working now but I don't know the reason.

I had latest version when created post. I reset using GUI and reset button lot of times without result.

With latest version, commands about modem not working:

Also tried again the result, no result.

Then, I downgrade to RUTX_R_00.07.00_WEBUI version (the next versions tried this morning).

No result. I was trying bootloader mode to update to latest version. Tried 10 times to connect to bootloader mode but lights flash only 1 seconds. Impossible to conect to WebUI to update firmware even with static IP.

After that, I tried unplug and plug the power to enter normal mode and then suddenly is working.

Updated firmware to latest version via WebUI (modem was in the latest version) and it seems it's working now... will check after next reboots if still working...