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Support for recieving chained SMS messages as one seems to be completely missing.
Same when forwarding recieved messages to email.

When sending long texts are handled correctly.

Using Telia in Sweden if significant

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Could you explain what do you mean by chained SMS?

Do I understand correctly, that messages are lost, when a few messages are sent sequentially, one following the other, however a single long SMS is received correctly?

Bets regards,


Hi Žygimantas!
Thanks for quick response :-)

It's when recieving long messages the problem exist.
Se text below sent as one long (=chained) message and received as two messages. Works the same when messages are forwarded to email.

2022-06-09 10:11:56 +46707211200 read ecomposed into a single message. When sending from the RUTX they are correctly linked together and can be read as a single message.
2022-06-09 10:11:56 +46707211200 read When the RUTX receives a long (several chained 160 characters messages after each other) SMS the message is retrieved as separate messages rather than r