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by anonymous

I have enabled GPS on my rutx12, I can see my location on the map within the web gui.

How can I share this with friends and family ?

I saw some mention of RMS but I don’t see that on 7.01.4 anymore and in any case I only want to share our location.

We are sailing from the med to the uk and beyond and would like people to be able to track us by a simple free app or link.


2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello Simon,

Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd support.

The Teltonika networks GPS feature allows you to access or know the location of your Teltonika Network device by getting access to the GPS Coordinates.

You can access RUTX12 GPS coordinates using different ways.

Using RMS kindly enable the GPS on the device, the GPS coordinates will be periodically available on the RMS. The RMS will allow you to connect to the device via HTTPS and check GPS location from there. In case you have a public IP, your family members can connect to the router’s WebUI via public IP and check location via WebUI map. You can also use the DDNS feature if the public IP is dynamic.

If you can not access the Public IP you can use 3rd party VPN like ZeroTier and your family members can connect to WebUI to check location using VPN IP in that they will just setup Zerotier app.

Router can send GPS coordinates remote to selected server, this will be achieved by setting up GPS server where the router's coordinates will be send and display on the map. If such GPS server is not available, then 3rd party GPS platform could be used, such as Gurtam


Lastly RUTX12 has a feature that will help you share or obtain the GPS Coordinates.

After enabling the GPS Feature on Services>GPS

Kindly proceed to Services>Mobile Utilities> SMS Utilities> GPS Coordinates slide the off/on to turn the GPS feature on. Click on the editing feature. Set the feature to


Action: GPS coordinates

SMS text: gps.

To obtain the gps coordinates one must send an SMS to the SIM CARD inserted on the RUTX12 and the device will reply with the GPS coordinates.

The sysntax for this will vary depending on the authorization you set.


With no router admin password: send an sms <gps>

With Router admin password: send sms <password> <gps>

You can also send status SMS to other number by inserting the number you want the coordinates to be sent to.

Let me know if more information is required regarding GPS.

Kind regards,


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by anonymous

What is the process to connect RUTX 12 GPS to Router?

by anonymous
Rutx12 has gos module inside. You just conect the little square antenna. Then go to the GPS menu and set the required parameters to send the GPS coordinate to your chosen host. We use £10 a year.