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by anonymous

I am currently trying to build a firmware with some files included. These files should be placed at /etc/init.d, which is why I placed them at <SDK>\package\base-files\files\etc\init.d\

However, only placing them there does not seem to work, so I guess I am missing something as these files do not appear on the device.

I'm using the latest SDK for on a TRB142.

Thank you very much in advance.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

The correct location for supplementary files is just "files" so to add to /etc/init.d create a files/etc/init.d folder in the SDK base folder and add your files there.

by anonymous
Unfortunately, there is no folder "files" in the SDK base folder. When I create it, the placed files are not copied to the system firmware. When I navigate to ~/etc/init.d the folder I want to include is not there.

Also, placing the files in <SDK-Base-Dir>/package/base-files/etc/init.d/<myfolder> does not include the <myfolder> too.

Do I have to change the makefiles in any way to include the new folder?
by anonymous
Execute mkdir -p files/etc/init.d to create the directories and copy tout files there, then restart the make.
by anonymous


This does not change anything.

Inside the base directory of the SDK, I execute:

mkdir -p files/etc/init.d/Janz

then cp ~/Janz/*.*   files/etc/init.d/Janz

make -j 8

This build executes flawlessly, however the files are nowhere to be found on the device itself. (Should be at ~/etc/init.d/Janz, shouldn't they?)

Whats even more strange is that the md5 sum of the compiled firmware changes when I remove the Janz folder. From this I get, that the SDK does indeed compile the files. However they are nowhere to be found on the system.

by anonymous

Works for me:

[rutos-mdm9x07-trb1-gpl]$ cat files/etc/init.d/test-sdk 
#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common

# starts after network starts
# stops before networking stops

start_instance() {
  logger -t "test-sdk script from /etc/init.d"

chmod +x files/etc/init.d/test-sdk

Rebuild the image and the test-sdk file appears in the new firmware.

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by anonymous
I have written to our RnD about this particular issue and update you as soon as I gather more information just as we talked in the HelpDesk.