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by anonymous
After connecting to an existing Wi-fi using CLIENT mode, the interface created for that Wi-fi connection gets his IP configuration from the connected DHCP server assigned. Where can I see the assigned IP configuration? The IP address is visible at the STATUS -> OVERVIEW page, but where can I find the assigned default gateway, assigned DNS server etc in the Web UI?

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by anonymous


Thank for contacting Teltonika Crowd support.

With the Client mode on wireless, RUTX11 allows you to access internet or WAN using the wireless feature. From the WebUI you can get to know the Assigned IP at Network>Interfaces. This will allow you to see an IP address assigned to the Teltonika Client by the DHCP of the device providing the Wireless internet.

To access the default gateway and DNS you need to access the RUTX11 CLI and do some few commands to get the default gateway and DNS

GO to System>CLI

Use root as the username and you administrator password to login in to the RUTX11 CLI

Use the following commands to get the default gateway

ip route | grep default


netstat -nr

To get the DNS server use

cat /etc/resolv.conf


cat /tmp/resolv.conf.d/

For more information check out this link


Note that the DHCP an DNS features are configured on the Device that offering the DHCP services to your RUTX11 they can also be easily accessed from that Device if you have the login rights.

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by anonymous


You can see related gateway by going to Status -> Routes-> General routes. In the IPv4 - Routes table you should see IPv4 gateway tied to your wireless network.

Considering that you know the network address from the IP address assigned to your device, you can also refer to ARP table to find the gateway address.

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by anonymous

For Client,

Go to Interface-Lan-DHCP Server.

Here Configure Relay in Enable DHCP Option.

Give DHCP server IP which will be your Access point's router WAN IP.

Then go to Relay Configuration and enable it.
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by anonymous
Based on the three helpful responses, it's possible to get the assigned DHCP properties of the X11 WLAN client.

@teltonika support: If somehow possible, please integrate it directly into the Web UI in one of the upcoming versions. It's normal by root cause analysis to check the clients settings. Would be great if this would be visible in the STATUS -> OVERVIEW page. // Many thanks in advance.