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by anonymous
I'm just starting configuration of AWS Greengrass on this device, but I need it to have a working internet connection to download the needed components. I'm connected via micro usb to windows 10. I attempted to do this by going to 'network connections', right-clicking my wifi connection and enable sharing. This causes the modem to changes its ip address, however the WEBUI isn't accessible on this new ip address. If i disable the sharing then the modem reverts back to default gateway and i can access it again.

Any ideas?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

TRB141 is an LTE Cat1 gateway, which provides a virtual network interface via micro USB. In order for this device to be able to connect to the internet, you need to insert a Mini SIM – 2FF 1.8 V/3 V SIM card.

A side note about Greengrass. Only Teltonika RUTX series devices a able to support it.

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by anonymous
Yes I know this, however I was hoping that for configuration purposes i could use the micro usb connection to my laptop and share my internet with the device.