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Hello all,

I have a little problem. I would like to be able to ping my public IP address. I get the public IP via LTE and I can also access the WebInterface via public IP if I enable it accordingly.

I have allowed the remote ping, also icmp-requests and replies from the WAN zone.

When I ping my test server I can sniff the ping via TCPDUMP and get a reply at the CLI of the RUT240. When I ping from my test server I don't get any ICMP packets in TCPDUMP. Is this still due to the firewall, do I have to open something else?

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From the information you have provided, your configuration is correct to allow the device to be pingable from WAN.

Have you tried to ping your RUT router from another device or even a different network?

Could you post part of the output of the ifconfig command with the wwan0 interface?

Considering that there are no packets from the server to RUT, I assume the packets are dropped before being forwarded. It appears that you should check if some of the firewall settings on the server side are not dropping the packets.

Best regards,