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by anonymous

Is it possible to log either in event logging or in the email notication the Network Band when a new connection event occurs (it is not currently in the list of data availbale) . so why do we want this? When frequent reconnections occur due to band hopping, and managing a device remotely via 4G- it would be good to know what bands it has connected to and so understand the valid options when choosing to lock (and not just the current BAND). For example I would like to lock to Band 28, but the device is currently connected to BAND 1 - if I choose to lock it to band 28 - and no B28 signal exists for that device the device will stay offline untill a site visit can be arranged and we connect dirtectly to the device. 

many thx      

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Possible. With custom script.

Thank you for the idea, will consider it for my RUT955s, running official openwrt.