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by anonymous

Good morning,

I think it is a general approach (and not module specific) problem. Nevertheless, I’m using a RUT955 with firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.1.

I followed the guide “RUT955 Azure IoT Hub cloud connection” RUT955 Azure IoT Hub cloud connection - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I can receive messages (only GSM values) in the Azure IoT hub and view the messages in the device explorer twin. My problem is: How to setup the RUT955 module to:

  1. Send a request from Azure IoT hub to the RUT955
  2. This request is forwarded via RS485
  3. The device connected to the RS485 interface replies
  4. The reply is forwarded to the Azure IoT hub

Is this even possible and how should I setup the different parts? I assume it requires MQTT and potentially Modbus gateway to interact with the RS485 interface.

Thank you and best regards,

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by anonymous

Hi Tom,

You can use MQTT gateway function to transfer Modbus data (send requests, receive responses) received from RS485 interface to MQTT message then forward to Azure IoT hub and vice versa. You can find the instructions at the following links:



Best answer
by anonymous
Hi Ledong,

Thank you for your great reply. It looks like I need to learn MQTT and there are plenty of resources available about it. It greatly helps to know that MQTT is the way to go.