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I have a RUTX12 for mobile internet access, connected via ethernet cables to several access points (Ubiquity) that provide WiFi internet to many clients. My problem is that one client (for which I set a fixed IP address) has extremely high bandwidth usage (for video streaming, torrent downloads, etc.) and this is limiting the bandwidth available to other clients. I would like to set a very low bandwidth limit for this client without affecting the bandwidth limit of other clients. I do not want to set a traffic limit to this client that cuts off the bandwidth entirely once a certain limit is achieved but rather a speed limit so that at any point in time this user cannot use more than a given bandwidth. Is there a way to do this? 

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Individual session settings, including bandwidth limits, can be set using Hotspot functionality. You can read more about those settings and the Hotspot feature itself here:

If Hotspot is not being used, it is only possible to limit bandwidth for a whole network interface by applying Traffic shaping: The number of affected users can reduced by creating a VLAN for each ethernet port and imposing a limit for a single VLAN and an access point associated with it, if it is known, to which one the user connects.

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