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Hi Technical support. I have 3 questions regarding RUT300 we are testing at the moment, as follows:

A) When we make a VPN connection, we can ping the PLC but can’t reach the PLC over PLC software. (Schneider if it changes anything)

B) I have installed Data to Server, mqtt gateway and modbus. I can read values through modbus but is there a user interface we can check if data is coming through without pressing test button? We can see when we press test button but how can we be sure if data flows without pressing test?

C) Our MQTT Broker is on Amazon. We want to send modbus data to mqtt broker via data to server feature. We had a hard time understanding difference between mqtt gateway and data to server. What is the difference and do we have to install both to succeed?

I can’t send the data using data to server even configuring it succesfully, when I do it myself with node.js program I wrote / data flows perfectly. Broker part seems to be fine. What should I do? Is there a log screen or something I can check to see where the process breaks like if it logins or not?

Thanks you

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1) It might be that the PLC does not have a default gateway set, the Schneider might be sending UPD broadcast packets, which only work in LAN, for this, you can try to install and set up the UDP broadcast relay package. There currently is no wiki tutorial for this feature.

2) The test button is there mainly to check whether the configuration is correct, it does not appear in the data to server sent data. There is no log or anything to check what data is being read.

3) MQTT gateway allows you to send Modbus master requests to the router using MQTT messages and receive a reply. Data to server sends out data that was read using either Modbus RTU or TCP master. Either one of the functions can work independently.

For data to server, please check that you have entered correct connection string and remote port for AWS