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Hello Support Team,

is it possible to output the WAN and mobile status, e.g. each 60 sec., on an UDP Port?

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Can you explain more about how you want the WAN and mobile status?

Here are some of the suggestions for you:
WAN and mobile status can be checked by our Teltonika RMS cloud platform. RMS allows you to see the Mobile data status, usage and signal strength etc. 
Apart from that, the MQTT protocol can be used as well to get Mobile status by making the router an MQTT publisher and an external MQTT broker platform can be used to get the data.
Moreover, Data to the server is another option as well to get Modbus data periodically over a remote server using MQTT/HTTP(S)/Kinesis protocols.

Also, other options are TR-069, JSON-RPC, SMS Utilities and shell commands to get the information remotely.