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by anonymous

We are testing 5 BAT120 in our office.

If we turn off the power to the BAT120, it runs on battery until drained. Works great!

When drained all the way down a day later, we then put on power again, only to see that the device blinking as if its charging, but even after 2 days, haven't gone up on the battery status. Still blinking in the first LED.

When we try to take power off the BAT120, it immediately turns off, also the router connected.

So is this a defect unit?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Out of the five devices, did only one BAT120 show these symptoms? If yes, it might be that that happened to be a faulty device
by anonymous

It happens the same to me. Ordered 2 for testing with the RUT240 and both show the same behaviour. Once drained, they don't charge.

In my case, 100% faulty?

If I plug out the power supply, turn the switch off (passthrough mode) and plug the power in again it shows the 4 leds (showing full charge), but when I slide the switch on again only the first led blinking is shown, and if plugged out it hasn't charged and the RUT240 turns off.

They are brand new, I'm still thinking if there's something I'm doing wrong, or simply the RUT240 drains too much power to let the BAT120 charge.
by anonymous
Hello, I have the same problem with a new UPS BAT120 (Batch 017). Is there already a solution here?

I use the supplied 12V 2A power supply. The device behind the UPS is supplied with voltage (TRB500, RUTX50, RUTX12) but the UPS no longer shows any sign of life.
by anonymous

We are testing 2 of the BAT120 units connected to RUT955 on our train.   We have exactly the same situation:

Once power is drained, despite the unit plugged into main power for 12hrs, the first two lights of the Power Indicator just flash on and off all the time.

If you disconnect mains power, both the BAT120 and RUT955 lose power.

Having had a response from Teltonika regarding the BAT120 failing to charge, I thought it worth while posting the response here, it has me fuming.

When the BAT120 devices were charging, will they have RUT955 also plugged into them? (yes)

I'm asking this because if the BAT120 was plugged into the PSU together with RUT955, then most likely the BAT120 was not charging and was working as a "passthrough", since in order for BAT120 to charge you will require to unplug the RUT device from it.“

In other words, once the battery runs out of power, you have to remove whatever kit you have plugged into the BAT120, charge it, then plug your kit back in.

The unit seems to be unable to recharge the batteries whilst keeping the connected device running.

Which would totally defeat the point of a battery backup unit.

by anonymous
Hello, I am experiencing the same behaviour with my unit: once it is fully drained, it can only charge again without any load. Also, I have experienced that it does not provide output power unless there is something big enough connected.

Also, I am not being able to use the alarm: it does not seem to provide any output

I am very interested on the answers to this topic. In the current status, this device is useless as battery backup or as alarm indicator.

Thank you.