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by anonymous

Hi there, I am using a TRB145 LTE RS485 GT with some Modbus RS485 devices and I am unable to point the device to our inhouse Iot Cloud Server (Commander it Called).

1. Tried to  use the DATA TO SERVER option with no luck;
    as I need HTTP not HTTPS as protocol that should come both URL/Host as well as a customable Port to be populated

  •  Possible Solution: May you please share an updated firmware that allows for the above? (Similarly to how it is done under  Server Settings on the FMB120 device)

2. Tried to use the CLOUD SOLUTION option but our Iot Cloud Server Platform isn't available under the Package Manger.

  •  Possible Solution1: I work for IoT.nxt and we are already one of your best partner in South Africa, what would you need from me for our IoT Cloud Platform (Commander it Called) to be added under your package list and how fast can that be done?
  •  Possible Solution2: Is it possible for me to manually add it (Commander) under your CLI option?. If so, may you please share the commands and steps to do so?

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by anonymous


To transfer data using specifically HTTP protocol, simply add http:// when entering URL/HOST in front of the address or :80 at the end of the address.

For your request regarding IoT.nxt package support, additional development is necessary. This service is provided by Teltonika, but you have to create a ticket in VIP HelpDesk platform or contact your sales manager.

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