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I have a RUTX12. I have windows clients connected behind the RUTX12. They each have the windows in-built vpn configured to use L2TP over IPSec (with PSK). They can connect to our remote vpn server (draytek) fine, and seem to start an initial syn/ack, but no further traffic is seen. For instance, we can open a remote web gui on a remote server, but it doesn't load any further pages.

Is there some L2TP over IPSec passthrough setting in the RUTX12, or some other setting needed to allow the vpn traffic though?


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Hello, are the ports for IPSec open in the firewall? Ports 500 UDP (IKE) or 4500 UDP (NAT-T) are used, and port 50 (ESP) or port 51 (AH).

Best regards, Anton