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Hello, i am struggeling to find out how to setup the TRB140 (Ethernet output) as a failover link / dual wan Fon my RUT300. I have a main DSL line but want a 4G LTE as failover since the DSL is quite unstable at times. I cannot seem to find a single source of «how-to» that matches this use-case. All firmwares are the latest available from Teltonika.

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Thank you for your question.

In orther to achieve this, you will need to set one of your LAN ports as WAN on RUT300. Follow this guide on our wiki:


After this is done, connect your DSL line as usual to dedicated WAN port, and connect TRB140 with an active mobile connection to the second WAN that you just set up. 

Now you need to set up failover with first WAN as your main (highest metric) and second WAN as a backup (lower metric). To do so, you can follow the guide on our wiki page:


Kind regards.

Hello, and sorry for the late replay.

These guides helped me set up the desired configuration, thank you. Failover to 4G works!