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by anonymous
We have some RUT950/955 and RUTX series deployed on site,  Vodafone UK have advised us the connections are not refreshing when we schedule a reboot or modem reset.  They have advised to do a manual roam on the device, ie. switch to a different operator then back again.

Is there a way to automate this, as once we switch to a different operator we will lose connectivity and cant be going to every site.  Would ideally like to do this every 24/48 hours.  Can it be done via SMS or a cron job?  Any advise appreciated.


1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello Aaron,

You can try the configuration example in the link below:

I will also drop two links below that will help you to create the crontab syntax and configure it on the routers:

Please note for this setup, you will need to consider the switching time, mobile network registration, and execute two times the sim switch configuration to get back your primary SIM card working again.

As another possible solution, you could enable an SMS rule to send an SMS message to switch from one operator to the other and vice-versa by sending a text message with the command: switch_sim from your mobile to the router active operator cellphone number.

For more details, you can check:

I hope this helps to solve your query.

by anonymous

Thanks for your reply.  We dont have primary and secondary sims, just the one vodafone sim in the primary slot.

So not sure where that leaves me in terms of a solution.  I dont fully understand the cron solutions, never used them unfortunately.  Is there an example or could someone generate an example whereby the following happens.

Primary SIM --> Switch to manual operator (so connection will be lost here)

Wait 5 minutes

Primary SIM - Switch to automatic operator (connection will restore, and hopefully fully reset the connection to Vodafone)

by anonymous

Hi Aaron,

You can try including the lines below in your crontab editor:

0 23 * * * gsmctl -Y >/dev/null 2>&1

5 23 * * * gsmctl -Y >/dev/null 2>&1

Those are sim switch commands scheduled every day at 23:00 and 23:05 hours.

I strongly suggest you try and test these commands first, and then if everything goes as expected, use them as a final solution.

The crontab generator is the best place to start regarding getting the proper job execution syntax:

I will keep an eye on your comments. I hope this helps to solve your query.