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by anonymous
Hi, Have a RUTX14 with Firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.02.1 and 2 eye sensors with firmware 1.2.1 and eye sensor packet settings set at Eddystone + sensors.
Eye App shows temperature and humidity data, but with eye sensors paired to RUTX14, paired eye sensor device details show MAC ADDRESS, PROTOCOL, POWER, RSSI, NAMESPACE ID, UPDATED, NAME, INSTANCE ID, UUID, but no temperature, humidity or other sensor data.
In Data to Server, with the data source as Bluetooth and then the Device data (JSON object) - %b, also no temperature or humidity data shown.

Are there any other settings required to read the temperature and humidity data from the Eye Sensor with a RUTX14?

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by anonymous


To get sensor data, you must select Packed data option Sensors in the EYE APP and pair the device again with the RUTX14. The data should be displayed now.

Regarding Data to server, there is no option to transfer separate desired data type. All the data gathered by the sensor is labeled under Device data (JSON object) - %b and is sent in a single block .

Best regards,


by anonymous
Thx, works now!