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Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere to get connected Wi-Fi clients showing in RMS? I have two RUTX11 routers, both running 7.02.2 and with Wi-Fi enabled. In RMS there is a "Wi-Fi" section on the left in the "Management" heading, and it is only showing one of the RUTX11 routers.

If I bring up device details, the one that isn't reporting any Wi-Fi clients shows a "No instances available" error on the device overview page. Both routers have Wi-Fi enabled and have connected clients, as I can see them when I connect to the local admin page of each router.

Is this controlled by a setting somewhere?

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You need to enable monitoring of WiFi in RMS.

Go to Devices in RMS, then select for which devices you want to monitor WiFi, and then click on Management at the top of the page, then select Set monitoring update period and then enable Wireless monitoring for it to start collecting data.

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That was it, great. Thanks for your help.