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by anonymous


I need to access via SSH to a device connected to the router RUT 240 with public IP.

I can  reach the router through public IP but I cannot access to the target device connected via LAN to the router, even if I try port forwarding SSH port to my connected device's internal IP ( , as you can see in the above screen.

Could someone help me?



1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello, this is Martín, Tech Support Engineer for Teltonika Networks.

In order to allow SSH access to the device, a Firewall rule to open the external port to the Internet must also be established.
Please refer to the following article on how to create and edit Firewall rules.

Best regards.

by anonymous

Hello Martin,

could you specify the setting of the firewall rule you mentioned above, given my port forwarding rule ? (You can see it again down here)



by anonymous
Hello Alessandro, you will need to create a Firewall rule that opens the Port 22 for TCP connections from WAN.

Best regards.
by anonymous
Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for following my partner's recommendation. Looking at the image you sent, I would like to know which firmware version is your RUT240 currently running? If possible, try to update the firmware version to the latest one. You can follow the steps described in the video below to achieve that:

As a recommendation, please double-check your LAN-connected device has port 22 opened; and if your LAN device configuration or an integrated firewall feature(if available) is not blocking the traffic from your router to your device.

It would be helpful if you could share more information about your LAN device; this information will give us a clue about what kind of problem we might be facing.

I will keep an eye on your response.