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by anonymous

Hello, we are using your RUT955 with Firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.02.3 and we are trying to dynamically enable/disable interfaces via JSON-Rpc.   To turn on the WAN interface for example we have been running the following ssh commands (the json-rpc commands are the same commands just using JSON-rpc payloads)

uci set network.wan.disabled='0'

uci commit network

service network reload

This seems to work fine on some of our routers but when we try to configure a new RUT955, we are having problems.  service doesn't seem to be in the PATH or anywhere on the router.  We are logged in as root and still cannot find service.  What is going on?  Is there something wrong with our firmware on some of the routers?

Please help,


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by anonymous

service is a shell macro, not a script. Use

/etc/init.d/network reload


by anonymous

Thanks, that does work.  Do you have any idea how the RUT goes about defning the service macro ?  Because I didn't do that, and it appears something in the device did define the service macro.