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by anonymous

I'm a new user of RUTOS on a RUT950, and I'm trying to install and run some 3rd party software. I downloaded the MIPS version of the software, transferred it to the 950 (via winscp) and installed it via tar into /opt/ftusbnet/*

When I try to run it, I get a "not found error":

root@Teltonika-RUT950:/usr/sbin# cd /opt/ftusbnet/sbin
root@Teltonika-RUT950:/opt/ftusbnet/sbin# ftusbnetd
-ash: ftusbnetd: not found
root@Teltonika-RUT950:/opt/ftusbnet/sbin# ./ftusbnetd
-ash: ./ftusbnetd: not found

Seems as if I need some pointers about how to configure ash that ftusbnet is not a security risk. The use case I have is a motorsports application: I have one ethernet and 3 USB devices on a race car, and I'm trying to allow for wireless data connections via WiFi when the car is in the paddock/pits near the car configuration/tuning computer. 

Hope that makes sense. Many thanks for any help.

by anonymous
On a RUT955 you can run "official" openwrt, even to be generated from sources, if you want. So you can integrate private packages.

I have done this for a large fleet of RUTs, acting as IoT concentrators. Has also the advantage, to get very recent utility packages, new kernels, and to avoid "redundant" stuff by only including required packages.

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by anonymous


Teltonika RutOS is based on OpenWRT and the download page tells that you need to request a special version for OpenWRT operating system.

Best regards, 


by anonymous
I'm reading the provided SDK source code now. It seems I have the ability to edit this for myself. I'm guessing somewhere is a list of allowed commands and/or paths, and I need to edit that, either in the source code and build my own firmware, or on the RUT950. I'd prefer the latter, if anybody knows the config file that needs to updated.