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by anonymous
How much data can be stored in RAM of RUT240 ? when does it get clear?

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd support community.

RUT240 has a RAM capacity of 64MB, DDR2. RAM is used to store temporary data, Teltonika devices use RAM memory to store data such as Bluetooth, Gps data, Modbus data and more temporary data. If device loses power or if device undergoes reboot, it loses all data in RAM. So RUT240 can store data in RAM if it’s on, once it reboots all data is lost.

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by anonymous
Is there any kind of RAM / FLASH caching / shadowing ?

I remember from some platform that to avoid clobbering Flash with frequent writes some of the file systems were actively held in ram and were backed up onto flash at a lower frequency.

I assume that /tmp is RAM which collapses on power down and reboot and is recreated by WRT...

What is the "best" place in the file system to store persistent config/operating data ?

Is /usr/bin a good place - along with custom user scripts etc ?