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by anonymous

I have an RUT955. This is connected to a recorder with modbus TCP slave function.

It generates 32bit float point as per the dattached manual. At this stage i'm only reading universal input1  (register 200).I have set up the modbus connection as per below and it reads the value ok.i now need to assign this value to the alarm SMS function so when the value goes below a certain value , it sends an sms. attached is the config.However this does not work and no sms is being sent out.I have tested the sms function by simply entering a random register and set the clause to >0 and it worked. But i want it to send an sms only when the value of these two registerrs (32bit float) go below a certain value. I read in an article that the alarm is only supporting the single register. but the software has also the following issues:the value for the clause can not be a negative value. Also you can not select the data type and byte order for alarm function .

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by anonymous
Hi Arash,

Unfortunately the ALARM configuration for MODBUS Master has the limitation of only being able to configure the read of a single 16 bit register, so if you are reading a 32bit float value, it wont get the correct data so it wont work properly.

For workaround, i'd suggest you using the "Data to server" service and forward all Modbus data you want to a server that can analyze the received data and if it is below/high than a determined value, you can use the SMS Gateway functionality of the router to send sms messages when your application running on your server tells the router to do it. I believe that using python you can do that without much trouble.

Best regards.