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hi there,

I have an RUT950 FW RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5.

It needs to travel between Japan and Korea and I have a SIM that can roam in both countries.

Is it possible to manually set the operator the RUT chooses for each country? or a combination of Auto in one country in Manual in the other?

Example 1: Modem chooses NTT in japan and SK telecom in Korea.

Example 2: Modem chooses NTT in japan and Auto chooses in Korea

Update I have upgraded to RUT9_R_00.07.02.3 FW

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Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd support.

On RUT950 its possible to manually set the operator. The Network operators section provides you with the possibility to scan for and manage mobile network operators to which the device's SIM card can connect to. Operator selection is only available for the primary SIM card. In order to specify an operator for the other SIM card it must first be selected as the Primary SIM in the SIM card settings  section as illustrated  here >> https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX11_Mobile#SIM_card_settings  section.

To manually set Network operators go to Network >> Mobile >> Network Operators

You will see the Active SIM

Current Operator

Connection mode (Here you will set either Auto, Manual or Manual-Auto).

For information on manual operator settings, kindly check the following link https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX11_Mobile#Manual_operator_selection

Kind regards,


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