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by anonymous

Hi there. RUT950 FW RUT9_R_00.07.02.3.

Does the device check if SIM1 is able to connect and work fine, before switching back from SIM2?

Or does it switch out of SIM2, losing any connection, then attempt to connect on SIM1?

Would like to know if the device loses connection as it attempts the switch back.


1 Answer

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by anonymous


That is a good question.

Unfortunately, as RUT950 has 1 modem, only 1 sim slot can have power at a time, this means that there is no way of checking the connection of another sim before switching, so it has to switch back to the main sim and attempt the connection, if it fails - it switches back to the backup sim (sim2) again. In this scenario, according to my tests, connection is lost for roughly 7 seconds.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.

by anonymous
Thanks for the response. when the device attempts to switch back to SIM1 and it fails to connect, does it then follow the original conditions for switching to SIM2 (e.g. attempt X times after Y interval, and "no network" or "network denied").

If it lost comms for 7 seconds as you say above, it must switch to SIM2 without following the original conditions?
by anonymous
It does follow the original conditions, as for testing I configured the lowest possible intervals and attempts.