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by anonymous

I have a problem accessing an industrial device's user interface via RMS through a RUT240. The usual UI access for the device is via https (Port 443).

When I try to generate the access link for that settings (DHCP IP adress for that device + Port 443 + HTTPS) the error "device could not be reached" occures, when I click on generate.

On the other hand, when I use the settings Port 80 and http, the generation of the link works, but the user interface landing page doesn't load.

For comparison, I have another RUT240 running with the same general settings and an older industrial device, that also uses http. In that case the UI access works fine.

Thanks for the help.

Best. Michael.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hi Michael,

What end device is connected to RUT240? Can RUT240 ping the device?

Does the end device has the 443 open?

Make sure that the end device has HTTP/HTTP(s) configured. 

if you have, Send the end device manual for its Web Interface to me via PM.

The best idea here is to test the HTTP/HTTP(S) access of the device on the local network. Connect the end device via LAN cable to the router and connect your PC to RUT240 via wifi and try to access the Web Interface of the end device. If you can't access it. The issue could be at the end device's part as well. Narrow down the issue with LAN testing first.

Furthermore, on how to configure remote HTTP(S) on RUT240 please follow the link below: