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by anonymous
Hi all,

I attempted an OTA update for a RUTX09 yesterday, and it appeared to brick. I've driven to the device today and picked it up. I have got it to load into the boot menu and applied the firmware that was available to download for the device, it does upload successfully but it never seems to reboot and on booting again no IP is given by DHCP and it doesn't appear to detect a sim card inserted. I've not tried older software yet, but is it possible that the OTA update has killed the bootloader too? I'm not sure what to do to get it working again. Thanks!

2 Answers

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by anonymous


It is unlikely to happen during firmware upgrade, but from what you have described it appears to be so. 

If you are unable to access the bootloader menu in a way described here, the device is bricked and you should return or replace it.

Best regards,

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by anonymous
Hi all. I managed to fix this by flashing an earlier software version, it just wouldn't recover on the latest one. After that I upgraded again and it's working fine on the latest available.