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by anonymous

I upgraded my RUT240 to from to and run in to some issues when running the Modbus slave on the router.

I compared the two revisions of the Modbus specification here:

I noticed some differences between the revisions in the specifications, but my issues seems to be related to registers that shouldn't be affected by the updated firmware. I read out all available registers for both the old and new firmware and there seem to be a lot of stuff that is not reflected in the spec. One example is register 23 which is the GSM operator name is available in the old FW but not the new.

Am I missing something or is the Modbus slave functionality not fully implemented in the 07.02.2 release?

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by anonymous


Could you provide the steps to reproduce your issue?

As of right now, RUT240 with 7.02.2 firmware does provide GSM operator name as described in the wiki page.

Best regards,


by anonymous
Hi, that's interesting. I used this command:

modbus read -T 120 -w -C 10 -s 255 %MW23 1

When I check Wireshark I get an error response on Modbus from the router about "Malformed Packet". This is not something I see in the previous version.