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by anonymous

RUT240 LTE Drops connection when operator issues new ip address lease

Changed SIM card to data only SIM from save provider the previous one was.

This new sim has no SMS capability.

I started to get internet connectivity breaks each time operator issues new ip address.

With old SIM connectivity log displayed "mobile data disconnected" and right after "mobile data connected <ip address>

Download speeds i get are 30-60M and Upload 30+M

I saw few similar posts but no one attached symptom data to check.

Essentila time stamps

Network Event

Here connection dropped

14094 2022-07-14 18:27:05 Mobile Data Mobile data disconnected

Me Manually Reboot modem, Restart connection

14096 2022-07-14 21:58:35 Mobile Data Mobile data connected, IP: DNA DNA

I have set "restart connection if ping fails" workaround, waiting incident to occur.

Made factory reset from clean table-no help yet.

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by anonymous


Could you try to upgrade your device to the latest firmware version and check if the same issue still appears?

The latest firmware can be downloaded from here:

If the issue will still be appearing, could you please let me know if I understood you correctly, that with one SIM (let's say SIM A) everything is working as it should, while with another SIM card (let's say SIM B), IP is not acquired from the mobile provider? If this is indeed the case, then such issue could originate from a mobile service provider (e.g. if it is not instructing the router to terminate the connection, but instead just assigning an IP address to the new session, while the previous session is still kept active.) If this is the case, have you tested this second SIM card in any other device? If yes, is this SIM card also not working in device from another manufacturer?

Best answer
by anonymous
After code update 4G has been up 3 days. Look resolved.