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My RUT240 stopped working after just a few weeks. No contact via WIFI nor ethernet. Only signs of life was that the power led was on and the lan led was dimmed. Swapped the modem to another one i have and it worked for about two weeks. Now the same thing happened. Could it be a fault PSU on the first that now has ruined both of my 240s? Tried another PSU and it is the same results...

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It is unfortunate to hear about you experience.

It is difficult to estimate what could have caused the malfunction, but the PSU itself could be tested, whether it supplies a stable output voltage between 9-30 VDC and does not overheat while doing so.

Maybe some unexpected surges or outages have occurred recently? 

There is a recovery procedure described here, but it only applies if the issue is on a software level. If It is a hardware failure, you should return the device.

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