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by anonymous
Hi, I just recently bought a gateway trb140 and connected to a mesh router. I’ve been testing it, but when I use 4 devices to stream and play videos it stars to buffer in the devices. I would like to know if the rut240 can support more video users with its own wifi and also with a mesh router. (Great celular signal).

I currently use a rutx12 with the same connections and flies with the task…

The gateway when running the task it’s almost at its maximum cpu and ram too.

Also I would like to know if I have little signal but enough to play an online video, will it still be suffering from bufferings with the rut240?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Both RUT240 and TRB140 have the same LTE Cat 4 modem, the difference being, that TRB receives its all computing power from the modem module, while RUT has a separate processor chip for non mobile functionalities. However, I would not expect a drastic improvement, as the amount of data received is highly dependent on the available bandwidth, and varies with the band selected, signal properties, weather conditions, base tower load, etc. Depending on the size of your mesh network, distance between the points, additional delays are introduced, which also add to the reduced performance.

A single 1080p video stream requires about 5Mbps, of available bandwidth, that is 20Mbps already for video data.

In comparison, RUTX12 has a few advantages over previous mentioned devices, as it has two simultaneously active modems, able to establish more connections, it uses carrier aggregation, which allows to increase bandwidth, and it simply uses faster, higher category modems.

In your case, the suggestion would simply be to test your scenario.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for your answer it's more clear now. From which Teltonika Router I should be able to notice a big improvement? For example the RUT950? will it perform similar to the RUTX12 or rather similar to the TRB140? And where can I check the category of the Modems for future purchases?, I have read all the info in the your webpage, but I can't find anything explicitly saying something related to that.
by anonymous
If you need the router only as a mobile connectivity source, I would suggest RUT360 or TCR100, since they both have  Cat 6 modems.

LTE categories are provided in the official Teltonika networks device details page.
by anonymous
Ok, thank you. Actually I was thinking about running stuff on its own wifi, like the usage mentioned before. In that case which one is suggestible? or from which one I should expect keeping with those tasks?
by anonymous
Both, RUT360 and TCR100 should suffice as their LTE, WiFi and Ethernet characteristics match. Regarding, the WiFI of these devices, their latest supported standard is 802.11n, which should max out at about 150Mbps. Then again, it depends on how much throughput is provided by your ISP, and how many simultaneous devices you want to have connected.
by anonymous

Is the Rut360 superior than the rut950?, right?

I ask you because in my country I don’t have too many models available, and actually the 950 and 955 are available, but I want to know what should I expect or if they are capable to comply with the task.

Main focus on video streaming, with various devices.

Thank you,
by anonymous
RUT360 is superior in regards of mobile connectivity due to a more advanced modem. RUT950 has more LAN ports and an additional SIM slot for failover, in case the connection to a primary SIM provider drops. RUT955 is RUT950 with additional features, such as RS232/485, and more inputs/outputs, which are beyond of what you need.

Best regards,