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Hello Teltonika team,

We are  an important company in the field of telecommunications in Algeria that collaborates with big companies in many sectors like: oil & gas, transportations, national Defense and security, and many others.

Now, we have a great opportunity to integrate Teltonika solutions in many sectors in Algeria, many companies and facilities need to deploy network solutions like what Teltonika could offer like banks, oil and gas industries, transportation companies, Police, administrative enterprises and others, and we are so ready to be the first Teltonika integrator of these companies and facilities.

However, we preferred to work in partnership with a principal mobile network operator, where we are the supplier of Teltonika solution, that provides the operator with the whole solution (hardware, software, equipment, integration, technical support), and the solution will be installed on the premises of the operator, the data will reside in its servers, the operator in turn will commercialize the solution to the companies previously mentioned.

Owing to Algeria regulations, the operator needs to store data in its servers, the RMS MUST be installed in the operator servers.

Therefore, we were looking for a solution to achieve exactly what standard RMS does: access and manage devices remotely, get reports and alerts, FOTA, and all what standard RMS provides but in the operator cloud, and fortunately, Teltonika has a solution for that, we are talking about RMS OFFLINE.

Sincerely, we didn’t find enough information in your website and your forums about this topic, thus, we decided to address directly to you, you will find technical questions related to RMS OFFLINE, and we wait for responses as soon as possible in order to continue the process of presenting the solution to our operator.  

Here are the questions:

1- RMS offline as you said doesn’t have a VPN, but as you know, we can’t send sensitive data without encrypt it, could we implement it by ourselves, because the Teltonika routers support a multitude of VPN protocols.

2- RMS offline as you said doesn’t support google maps, is there a possibility to integrate it to RMS software by ourselves.

3- you said RMS offline doesn’t support Teltonika ID, would you elaborate further?

4- as I mentioned, the clients of our operator are legion, will not be facing problems in term of sessions, because every client needs one or many sessions…, also each client can only access and manage its own park of devices.

We except detailed responses, related to RMS offline as a solution, and if you can provide documents that illustrate the concept it would be much better.

Best regards,

1 Answer

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Thank you for contacting us and being interested in the RMS OFFLINE.

Here I will answer your questions briefly. However, for a broader discussion, I invite you to submit questions on the VIP Helpdesk platform. A Teltonika Networks sales manager will contact you and help you with this.

In the meantime, here are the answers:

1. Routers and gateways by Teltonika Networks communicate with the RMS platform via the MQTT protocol, chosen due to the security features it offers. MQTT is protected with TLS protocol, as per X.509 TLS 1.2 standard. All communication between the device and the RMS is hashed and signed with an RSA signature. This method of interaction complies with TLS 1.3 protocol requirements ensuring unparalleled privacy and performance compared to previous versions of TLS and non-secure HTTP.

2. If client has their own Google Maps API key, they can use Device map in RMS offline.

3. Teltonika ID is multi factor authentication. This feature does not work in the RMS offline version, but 2FA with email is available.

4. RMS allows you to create different users with different roles. User groups can be assigned a Parent company, and they can have Child (2nd level) companies and so on. So there are various options to grant different rights to users.

As I mentioned earlier, I invite you to move this discussion to the VIP Helpdesk platform, with the help of Abdelmoughit, the sales manager.

Best regards,